Smart Sharing With ShareLinks™

Not all links are created equal. With and other URL shorteners, you only receive static data. With Share Links™, you can automatically re-engage directly on Instagram, Facebook & 50,000 + apps and receive leads in real-time.

Re-Engagement with ShareLinks™

Leverage the power of social media and countless apps to stay top of mind with your contacts. Intelligent campaign reporting empowers you to set goals and measure success.

Share with Privacy

As a ‘Create-For-The-Human’ company, privacy is extremely important to us. Once people begin to engage with the information that you share, ShareLocal starts to build an anonymous audience on your behalf. Each member of your audience will remain anonymous until he/she chooses to respond and share their personal information with you. Their identity gets confirmed during the process. Further, the Share Local system will never know the number of people in your audience until contact or a connection is made.

The Benefits of Working with ShareLocal®

 Our partnership with Facebook & Instagram gives your business the ability to effectively engage your customers.


Every cardholder gets their own MBC to ensure a contactless, 2-way exchange of contact information and database build.

Unlimited Links

Every cardholder can create unlimited links for content distribution and database creation.

Increase Business

Our turnkey, digital engagements, will drive conversions, transactions, and product sales.

Find Customers

Identify customers in-person and online. Unlimited contact storage capabilities.

Maximize Reach

Reach only the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Place Ads in Minutes

Our partnership with Facebook® & Instagram® will drive customer engagement and increase conversions in the most cost-effective way.

Order Your ShareCard

Each kit includes a metal NFC ShareCard™ and NFC sticker for your smart device. Brand your ShareCard™ fully with a minimum order of 200 cards.